Jake Homovich is an American documentary photographer and videographer working between China and the United States. Frequent travel between the two countries over the past decade has given him a unique perspective on the identity of the United States and China and their relationship to global and regional communities. Examining the collision between personal identity and environment, he creates works that explore the meaning of place and it’s impact on cultural expression and representation.

With photography as his passport, icebreaker, diary, and dispatches, Jake has captured stories from upstate New York to hidden Tibetan villages and emerging Chinese megacities. He plans meticulously but adapts creatively and responsively to fluid situations. He thrives in identifying the narrative, and connecting with the people, details, and context that brings stories to life. Editors like working with him because he commits to providing compelling images that encapsulate even the most complex or data-driven topics, while brands like Louis Vuitton and Xiaomi commission him for deep visual literacy and cross-cultural authenticity that he brings to their campaigns. Print. Web. Books. Billboards. Places, portraits, products and periodicals. East and West. Across all, He consistently works with sincerity, professionalism, and integrity, and is continuously drawn to mission-driven projects.

Jake was born in Cooperstown in upstate New York in 1990. He studied Geography at the University of Albany and holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Documentary Studies from the Maine School of Arts’s SALT institute. His work has been exhibited in international group exhibitions and photography festivals, as well as galleries in the United States and China.

Jake is represented by Anadolu Images

Available for commissioned work:

Email: Homovichj@yahoo.com

Wechat (微信): j7692h

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